Proper grooming plays an important role in your dog’s health and well-being.

PET BRITE BOUTIQUE is dedicated to making your dog look and feel their very best. All of our pet stylists are CPR certified and have committed to follow a Groomer/Service Safety Oath. 

At  Pet Brite Boutique we provide grooming services for dogs under 30 lbs, and offer a variety of services to suit each pet’s lifestyle and specific needs


Our grooming services include:

🐾 Bath massage with all natural shampoo and moisturizing conditioner
🐾 Brush out / loose hair removal
🐾 Hand blow dry
🐾 Ear cleaning
🐾 Pad trimming and cleaning
🐾 Nail clipping
🐾 Sanitary trim
🐾 Stylist haircut breed standard or client requested style:

@petbriteboutique Grooming with extra love & compassion because that’s the only way I do it. #caringgroomers #NewYork #NewYork #perfectpair #Puppy ♬ La Vie En Rose - Emily Watts
@petbriteboutique Grooming with extra love & care because that’s the only way we do it. #caringgroomers #NewYork ♬ Count on Me - Bruno Mars

Dog Owner Reviews

Soraya is AMAZING. Our labradoodle absolutely adores Soraya, and gets very excited when we tell her that Soraya is on her way.
The grooming job is as always pure perfection. She takes her time to get the job done right.
– Felicia Berkovitz

Soraya does an amazing job with our 13 year old Shih Tzu, who has severe grooming anxiety. Her focus is all about your dog, and she gives a fantastic haircut, too. I highly recommend her.
– Monica J. Colvin

Soraya is a true professional. She always arrives on time and with a bright smile. She grooms with the utmost care. My poodle Lucy is relaxed and co-operative which is amazing! She looks forward to her bath and looks amazing after her haircut. I would never use anyone else! Her knowledge of dog habits and behavior is beyond!!
If you love your pet, the only groomer for you is Soraya.
– Jane Romm

I can’t recommend Soraya and Andrea highly enough. If you love your dog as much as I love mine, you wouldn’t use anyone else. They understand his needs and take great care of him. I’ve been a customer for four years and my dog Charlie loves the experience. Soraya and Andrea have so much patience and passion for their work and are simply the best!
– Deborah Kreso

What I think about Soraya and Andrea as groomers and two most lovely people and caring people not only for there furry little friends but also for there owners. After ten years of knowing them my family pets would not want any one else to touch them. So if you are looking for great groomers call them.
– Joanne Formato Graziadei Wessel

Soraya and Andrea are wonderful dog groomers. They truly both adore dogs. They are dedicated, professional, and are top notch dog groomers. My dog looks and smells amazing everytime they leave my house. They are caring, beyond trustworthy, and above all kind to their clients and the dogs!
– Jennifer Irwin Filos

How is done?

We know what you want  and we want your pet to be comfortable during the grooming appointment and these are the things that can make it go more smoothly:
* Adequate Space – Allow our groomer room to set up the grooming table and an area on the floor to work.
* Proper Lighting – The groomer needs a well-lit room to work in.
* Quiet Zone – Minimize people and other pets coming/going from the work area. This will help your pet stay relaxed. Feel free to stay and watch (and help if we ask).
* Clean and Clutter Free Bathtub or Sink – Depending on the size of dog or cat, the groomer might use your bathtub or kitchen sink. In either case,  remove all bottles, soaps and razors from the edges so nothing falls on your pet. We suggest you keep a hair catcher in your drain to catch most of the hair.
* Rubber Bath/Sink Mat – A rubber bath/sink mat will help us to ensure your pet has good footing while in the tub (or sink).
* Towels – Please have two or three large bath towels if the groomer is bathing your pet.
* Trash Bag, Broom, Dust Pan – The groomer will gather most of the pet hair up during the pet groom but we ask that you provide a trash bag, broom and dust pan (if appropriate).
* Have Your Pet Ready – Make sure your pet has relieved himself before the groomer arrives and make sure they don’t sneak off and hide from the groomer.
* Smoke Free Home – Your dog will be healthier and happier if we have clean air to breath. We cannot provide services in homes that have an abundance of cigarette/cigar smells due to health concerns.


Integrative grooming is more than giving a good haircut, it is thinking of the dog or cat as a complex, sensitive, living creature and treating it with the respect and kindness that will support its mental, psychological and physical well-being. Soraya and her team offers a unique and specialized approach to private pet grooming experience!