What Is House-Call Grooming & Is It Right for You?

“Are you skipping grooming visits because it’s stressful to get your pet into the car, or are you just looking for a more personalized experience?  Private pet grooming is one of the newest trends in the pet grooming industry, offering many of the perks of mobile grooming with bits of a twist, more personal!

 Fast growing in popularity, many pet owners are opting to have their groomers work with their pets directly in their home – in-home grooming offers a new level of low-stress care where the pet parent can not only be sure where their pet is being groomed, but also that their pet is in a safe and comfortable environment familiar to them.  This is not only great for anxious or senior pets, but for animals that get overstimulated in new environments.”                       

Soraya and her team offers a unique and specialized approach to private pet grooming experience!
Certified, professional Pet Stylist, specialized in seniors grooming and rehabilitation to grooming. We are located in Westchester County, New York.

Our Mission:

To transform the way our pets and their parents feel when it comes to grooming, our purpose and priority is to be very loving compassionate and caring with every pet let under our care; we firmly believe that a grooming process must be compassionate creating positive experiences.

Our Vision. 

We want our pets happy and healthy at all times, and that’s why we want them to have a positive experience catering to their special needs if any or many. the closer the relationship  and communication between Pet parent -Pet Stylist -and Pet’s vet office the better, could made the difference between life and death of our pets.

looking forward to speaking with you in regards to your pet and their individual needs to catering a special grooming program for them.

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